480STVDIO was founded in 2013 by Chicago realist painters Grigor Eftimov and Ben Rathbone, dedicated to teaching the craft of realistic drawing and painting as means of appreciating and capturing the deep beauty of the physical world. Grigor and Ben were both trained in the classical tradition and have years of experience teaching drawing and painting. Our classes are small and structured around individual instruction in a group setting.

Grigor Eftimov is a graduate of the American Academy of Art and the School of Representational Art in Chicago, IL. Grigor's artwork has been featured on the cover of American Artist's Drawing Magazine, and American Artist's Workshops Magazine. Grigor has taught drawing, painting, storyboarding, and Plein-Aire painting in Chicago for many years and has a strong following of students in the Chicago area.

Ben Rathbone is a figurative painter and graduate of the School of Representational Art in Chicago, IL. Ben also studied at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, ON and the Palette and Chisel Academy in Chicago, IL and has taught drawing and painting in Chicago for a number of years.